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Merry Xmas 2021 from Man Makes Noise!

The Lobby Piano is a small grand piano in a lobby. I originally recorded said piano for The Lobby Piano Omnisphere library and ever since it’s release I have had plans to go back and record more from said piano. I have been unable to do so due to Covid restrictions, so I decided to go through the material I already recorded and find the most interesting sounds from there.


I chose 10 different styles and techniques from the original recordings. As nothing was recorded chromatically I had to construct the samples for each of the 10 techniques with sound design trickery. Each of the 10 techniques is now “recorded” in triads for a chromatic range with 4-5 velocity layers, no round robins.


So there is very little naturally recorded material in this piano. This is not a complete piano, but a colours and flavors type of additional piano.


One Kontakt 6 patch, one Kontakt 5 patch, one Decent Sampler patch, 10 .SFZ patches and 1189 uncompressed .WAV samples and takes up 3,3 gb of hard disk space.

There are also 29 snapshots by Man Makes Noise and Torley for the Kontakt 6 version.

Tech Specs

Kontakt versions require the full version of Kontakt 6 and 5.

Decent Sampler is available for free from Decent Samples.

Plogue offers a free SFZ player Sforzando.


Don't be fooled by the 1€ price tag! The library is free and thus it will always be. Now you will have to use the code FREEXMAS on check out (it takes 100% off the price). 

Hold on, why a price and code?

My ecommerce platform is Gumroad and they have a size limit for free downloadable products. The Lobby Piano - Playable Techniques is larger than that limit. Hence the code of FREEXMAS.

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