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There is a method to what I do. This is it.

I believe that the best recorder and microphone are the ones you always have with you. It may not be of the best quality but if it is there when you find some interesting sound then it is the best. Think of war photographers. They can’t go back to the car to get the best lens but they take the picture with what they have handy. I feel this same way about recording sounds.


My approach is opportunistic. Instead of spending hours planning how to do the largest possible recording session I prefer to record sounds in the moment, when I find them. I want to be inspired by what I record. And spontaneity is a part of that inspiration.


What I try to record is inspiration.


I don’t view a sound as locked the way I recorded it. Recording is just the first step on the journey. It’s the next phase where I find the opportunities and the greatest explorations.  This is the phase in the where I twist and turn, slice and dice, mangle and rearrange whatever I have recorded. This is sound design. This is what Man Makes Noise is about.


Organic at heart.

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