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One day my wife decided she wanted a fancy drinking bottle. A fancy metallic drinking bottle. Of course it needed to be sampled.

The Bottle was hit with rubber and felt mallets. I recorded three variants of it: one with the bottle being completely empty, one with it filled half way with water and one with the bottle full of water.

These samples we processed to bring you 8 mallet instruments, 4 sound designed instruments and 4 sound designed pads. These range from clean and beautiful mallets to dark and dissonant atmospherics. 

The Bottle has a cinematic, atmospheric vibe to it.



The Bottle Kontakt version contains 16 .NKI patches, 2625 uncompressed . WAV samples and takes up 3,7 GB of hard disk space.


The samples are left in uncompressed WAV format  to provide you with the possibility to load them into your favorite sampler or use them as raw audio files in your DAW.

The Bottle MSoundfactory version contains 5 patches and takes up 600 MB of hard disk space.

Both versions use the same original samples and you get both versions to use.


Tech Specs

The Bottle Kontakt version requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5. It is proven to work with version 5.8.1 and higher. It will not function in the Free Player version.

The Bottle MSoundfactory only requires the free MSoundfactory Player. You can download it here:



The Bottle retails for 15€ (excluding VAT where applicable).

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